PLATE Technology

Chaya Plates are technically advanced of any other plates

includes some unique features and have been patented

Chaya Plates are not just a “me too item”.

We did not just take the technical standard in the Roller Derby sport for granted. We had a crossover look to other sports when we developed our plates with the result that Chaya plates are technically advanced of any other plate out there in the market.

These technical advantages will help you to skate and perform better and additionally help you to assemble and maintain your plates much more easily. Chaya Plates include some unique features and have been patented (Pat. Pending). Some of these features are described below in detail.

Chaya Plate

Chaya’s Dual Centre Mounting system (DCM) is revolutionary in Roller Derby, but it has been a standard in ice and speed skating for decades. Chaya plates have two different mounting systems in one plate! The DCM system fits to all Chaya boots and additionally our Chaya plates also offer the standard mounting system to fit boots of other brands.

The DCM features two sliding nuts placed inside the frame – one under the ball and another under the heel. The nuts can slide backwards and forwards so that you may adjust the frame to your perfect position, creating a truly custom set up.

The DCM system is mounded in through the sole of the boot… there is a small recess in the shoe to counter sink the screws which need to be used for the assembling. They are covered and padded of course in order not to hurt your feet.

Advantages of DCM
– Less hardware needed for the assembly
– Plate position can be customized and changed as needed
– Easier handling for the (online) shops – frame can be mounted by skaters

Sergio Mc Cargo, one of the best custom boot shoemaker in the world, is using the Power Toe System in all his custom boots. World class inline and ice speedskater swear on the toe rise as it gives the toe and foot muscles some pre-tension which gives them more power for each stride and in the result more speed. This concept has been transferred into the Chaya plates to give you more power and speed.

Advantages of DCM
– Better Performance – more power, speed and control
– Pre-tension of muscles
– Better look

Well, we did not invent the wheel new, but we took an existing technology from european quad speedskating back in the 1970 ́s and 80 ́s. Back in these days the axles featured a small lever with a spring which could be folded. The skater could open and close the axles by hand without any tools and could change the wheels – even during skating in a race if necessary! Chaya brings back this technology into the modern Roller Derby sport.

Advantages of CRA
– No tools needed to exchange wheels
– Fast exchange of wheels
– Exchange of wheels possible during skating

20° Axles
– more stable
– more speed
– more dig
– better power transfer

45° Axles
– more agile
– faster reaction
– quick response with less force