Powerslide One Rutscherla

Item number: 902249

The Powerslide One Ice Glider invites small kids to make their first experience on ice. Thanks to the double blade, safety is guaranteed as it offers a secure and low stand on the slippery surface, making it easy for young kids to keep their balance. The Ice Glider is easy to handle - kids step in with their own shoes, close the two straps and off they go! They can be adjusted over 7 sizes with a butterfly nut on the bottom of the skates. The Powerslide One Ice Glider will put a smile on your kids face. In comparison to his big brother, the Powerslide Rutscherla, this boot is designed for smaller and more narrow boots/shoes and therefore offers a more narrow fit. Powerslide One Ice Glider = narrow fit Powerslide Rutscherla II = wide fit
Shell/Outsole no
Shell/ Outsole material High carbon steel
Material upper Polypropylene soft, cold resistant
Closure Two buckles
Innersole no
EN Standard EN15638:2009-07
Material blade High carbon steel
Hardness of blades 56 HRC
Width of blade 2,5mm
Teeth (classic cut) no
Blade pre-sharpened no
Division Kids ice skating
Skill Range Beginner
Sizes 19-25, 25-32, 32-40 EU
Sizes attribute Adjustable
Vegan yes
Weight 338g