Octo Propel 61x38mm 4 Pack

Item number: 630510

The Octo Propel Outdoor wheel is a high quality wheel built and designed for outdoor skating, at a very affordable price. At the perfect size and hardness for outdoor rolling (61mm,78A), this wheel has a smooth and heavenly feel for cruising the streets, beach or park. The highlight of this wheel is the added urethane lip that ensures a snappier feel when skating and greater push in your strides.

Model Propel, all round
Diameter 61mmx38mm
Durometer 78A
Compound gripathane
Bearing standard 608
Division outdoor, all round
Speed high
Shape power lip on front, flat rear
Hub P-Star
Weight 70g
Extras P-Star core for great rolling
Packaging Qty 4pack, shrinkwrap