Ennui Park Set

Item number: 920094

"The ENNUI PARK 3-pack is light weight, comfortable, slim and affordable. Knee and elbow pads reduced to a basic but essential requirement whilst keeping to our high standards of quality: 1080 super tough nylon, hard shell cap and terrycloth lining. Completed with the ENNUI ALLROUND wrist brace, a light weight, breathable and comfortable to wear wrist protector with unmatchable quality and protection at this price range. The perfect solution for entry level skaters, kids and fitness and roller derby players. *Vegan friendly. Recommended for: Skateboarding, Freeride Longboarding, Inline Skating (Fitness), Roller Derby, Roller Skating, Streetboarding, Scooter. (I think we should add entry level RD also) "