Ennui Freeride Slider Glove

Item number: 920057

"The ENNUI Freeride gloves have all the essential elements of a great downhill glove in a simple and minimalistic design, offering you one of the best deals on the market. High quality full grain real leather combined polyurethane (PU) inserts for the knuckles. The gloves include three DelrinTM inserts for the palm, fingers and thumb to provide a confident slide on any surface. The slim and short construction of the gloves allows for free movements and a pleasant fitting. These gloves have been tested by the best downhill riders and the feedback has been exceptional, no matter if you are learning to slide or you are a professional skater the Freeride gloves won?t disappoint you. Recommended for: Longboarding, Inline Skating, Downhill. "
Cap sizes elbow pads no
Material upper knee and elbow pad no
Padding knee and elbow pad no
Division longboarding, inline skating
Vegan no
Material Top Splint no
Material lining microfiber
Top strap no
Middle strap no