Utuba Longboard Wheels Pool 62mm (4-Pack)

Item number: 630010

The UTUBA POOL wheels feature the new X-Pop formula. They are smooth and fast and proudly made in the USA. They are designed for multiple disciplines like paddle skate, cruising and mainly for Pool skating. With a size of 62mmx40mm Utuba wheels are designed to cruise over any surface and feature and center-set tube core along with round edge front lip. These 85A hard wheels are described by our customers as: super-fast, super durable, amazing for pool and parks. So, get these Utuba beauties and ride to new frontiers.

Model Pool
Diameter 62mmx40mm
Bearing standard 608
Durometer 85A
Compound X-pop
Division cruiser, pool
Speed high
Hub centerset tube core
Shape centerset, round edge
Extras Made in USA
Packaging 4pack, shrinkwrap