Juice Martini Appletini 59mm/96a (Hard) (4er-Set)

Item number: 205518

Made in the USA, the Juice Martini Appletini wheel uses a very unique dual-pour urethane with a softer inner core and a harder tire (96A) allowing the running surface of the wheel to remain on the floor longer delivering more grip and control just when you need it most. Compression on your stroke drives energy into the core and then expends it during the roll, giving you added power and explosiveness. More grip, longer roll, and less wasted energy ? that is what Juice Wheels delivers to every player who wants an advantage on the track.

Model Appletini
Diameter 59mmx38mm
Bearing standard 608
Durometer 96A
Compound DDD (dual density derby)
Division derby, indoor
Speed high
Grip medium
Hub dual density hard PU
Shape power lip on front, flat rear
Weight 92g
Extras Made in USA
Packaging 4pack, shrinkwrap